Han Kwang Song’s Remarkable Comeback: A Tale of Disappearance, Return, and Goals

Han Kwang Song’s Remarkable Comeback : In a surprising turn of events, North Korean striker Han Kwang Song has made a triumphant return to international soccer after a mysterious three-year hiatus. The young talent, known for his standout performances in Italian and Qatari leagues, vanished from the soccer scene in 2020, leaving fans and pundits alike wondering about his whereabouts. Now, Han has resurfaced, playing a crucial role in North Korea’s recent World Cup qualifiers, including a stellar performance and goal against Myanmar. This blog delves into the intriguing journey of Han Kwang Song, from his sudden disappearance to his unexpected comeback.

The Enigmatic Hiatus: Han Kwang Song’s disappearance in 2020 baffled the soccer community. After a successful stint with Qatar club Al-Duhail, where he played a pivotal role in the league title win, Han seemingly vanished without a trace. The mystery deepened as the Covid-19 pandemic sealed North Korea’s borders, preventing Han and other repatriated North Korean nationals from returning home. 무료스포츠중계

Han Kwang Song's Remarkable Comeback
Han Kwang Song’s Remarkable Comeback

CNN Investigation Unveils the Story: A CNN investigation shed light on the enigma surrounding Han’s disappearance. Deported from Qatar in early 2021, Han found himself stranded in Rome, unable to return to Pyongyang due to pandemic-induced travel restrictions. During this time, he reportedly stayed at an unspecified North Korean embassy, patiently awaiting the resumption of flights.

The Resilient Return: Han’s reappearance on the international stage in the recent World Cup qualifiers marked a remarkable comeback. Wearing the North Korean jersey, he showcased his skills, scoring a powerful header against Myanmar. Soccer enthusiasts and his former coaches express joy at his return, emphasizing the curiosity about his performance level after such a prolonged absence.

UN Sanctions and Career Impact: Han’s career was intricately tied to geopolitical events, particularly United Nations Security Council sanctions imposed on North Korea in 2017. The sanctions led to the repatriation of North Korean nationals working abroad, impacting Han’s promising career. The UN’s scrutiny on money transfers raised questions about Han’s finances and whether he contributed to North Korea’s funds.

Looking Ahead: As Han Kwang Song reenters the soccer spotlight, the blog explores the uncertainties surrounding his future. Questions about his career trajectory, the impact of the hiatus on his skills, and potential opportunities await answers. Soccer fans and pundits are hopeful that Han’s return is a precursor to more noteworthy performances and that concerns about his safety and career being cut short can be put to rest.


Han Kwang Song’s journey, marked by disappearance, speculation, and a triumphant return, adds a unique chapter to the world of soccer. As he resumes his career on the international stage, the soccer community watches with keen interest, eager to witness the next chapter in the captivating tale of this North Korean striker. Stay tuned for updates on Han’s remarkable comeback and his contributions to the beautiful game.

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